Bastille / Bad Blood

A growing legion of Bastille fans can't be wrong...

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Bastille / Bad BloodBastille
Bad Blood

Mainstream pop success and indie acceptance do not often make easy bedfellows; where pop traditionally looks down on the other as being far too insular, indie looks back and criticises the other for often having little authenticity.

Bastille then is an odd exception. After a summer that saw them coolly seduce festival audiences and attracting a cool buzz of excitement, to having recently tussled with the loose limbed Justin Timberlake for single chart success; Bastille has been warmly embraced by both sides.

Opener ‘Pompeii’ with its intermittent electronic heartbeat casts this album down a river that flows with soaring, grandiosely rich pop melodies; but peel away the top layers and underneath in songs such as ‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Overjoyed’ there often lies a firm bedrock of XX style class underpinning the affair. ‘Bad Blood’ is an album crafted in one of modern pop’s greatest refineries.
Nathan Westley

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