Cancer Bats / Dead Set On Living

Cancer Bats have drawn from a wider pallet of influences for their fourth album of adrenalized hardcore - but have they been successful? Lee Puddefoot isn't entirely sure...

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Cancer Bats / Dead Set On LivingCancer Bats
Dead Set On Living
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After breaking through on 2010’s ‘Bears, Majors, Scrapes and Bones’, this Toronto quartet have returned with an album more Hard Rock than Hard core. Frontman Corimer’s trademark strangled growl is still there, but whereas the previous album had an aggressive, driving intensity, the big rock approach seems a little flat which makes this follow up a little inconsistent.

Stand outs, like the stoner doom vibes of ‘The Void’ menacingly creep in, like Black Sabbath’s gnarly hardcore little brother, but on ‘D.S.O.I.’ the trad-rock blue print limps through with little fanfare.

Opener ‘R.A.T.S.’ set the tone for something altogether more promising; maintaining the same searing edge as its predecessor but somehow more grown up, but following it ‘Bricks and Mortar’ offers the ears very little that’s interesting.

They set out to make a more upbeat record and Corimer stated that he’s pulled in influences from non hardcore sources such as Fleet Foxes, which is commendable. But ultimately they’ve sacrificed their music for misguided creativity.

Lee Puddefoot

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