Danny And The Champions Of The World - Streets Of Our Time

Fancy a slice of Roald Dahl-inspired folk music? Yes? Then this album will be right up your street...

Filed in Album Reviews | Released 19 January 10 on Loose | By Matt Merritt

Danny And The Champions Of The World - Streets Of Our TimeFormerly the front man of Americana outfit Grand Drive, Danny George Wilson has turned to Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story to name his latest group.

This, their debut album, is an intriguing one: on one hand it gives an idea of what Springsteen and his E Street Band may have sounded like if they’d been born and bred in middle England (never more so than on ‘Follow The River’, a lovely little track that evokes the sound of Springsteen’s similarly titled album).

Elsewhere the sound is more like Bob Dylan during his country phase, sprinkled with a dash of Marcus Mumford & Sons. When Danny sighs and states that “I guess we’re both getting old” on opener ‘Henry The Van’, the tale of an aging and faithful tour bus, you really feel the emotion of the song and pine for the faithful old steed yourself.

We may be smack bang in the middle of the second coming of the synthesizer, but these guys prove that you can wring much more emotion from more primitive instruments like the pedal steel, banjos and strings that waft over these tracks.

This album is full of loose folk jingles and soulful sound that warms the listener like nothing we’ve heard in a long while.

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