Micragirls - Wild Girl Walk

Nastassja Beaton straps her ears in and lets tiny Finnish trio, Micragirls, take them for a ride...

Filed in Album Reviews | Released 19 January 10 on Bone Voyage

Micragirls - Wild Girl WalkWith 7 of the 12 tracks coming in under 2 ½ minutes, Wild Girl Walk is an album of moments: some good, some great, and a couple not so special. Still, Micragirls clearly love all things garagey and goodness me, don't they damn well commit to the psychobilly sound?!

Micragirls are a trashy guitar-organ-drum trio, with Mari’s jagged, juttering guitar sound ably supported by Risu’s thumping beats and then sprinkled liberally with some quality organ fun times from Kata - as well as the essentially unintelligible vocals, which add to their raw and primitive sound.

These ladies are at their loveliest when they are either powering their way through songs like 'Girl Go Crazy', which sounds like a high quality Coachwhips, or going primal on the splendid ‘Out of Tune’ which features the god of garage, Jon Spencer.

The only problem is when this Finnish lady trio slows down. Not necessarily a criticism solely of Micragirls, it’s just this type of music only really works when it’s fast and frantic. Take the pace down too far and that garage-punk-amateur-enthusiasm just sounds like a 6th form band that hasn’t rehearsed enough.

Still, when it works - which is most of the time - Wild Girl Walk is a nice thing to have in your ears.

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