Post War Years / Galapagos

After two EPs the PWY boys release a more beefy attempt to capture your attention

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Post War Years / GalapagosPost War Years
(Chess Club)

From the first track you get the feeling Post War Years have really stepped up their game for album number one. After a series of EPs and singles which showcased their ability to make twiddly, bleepy electronic indie you did wonder whether they’d ever be that much different from any other twiddly, bleepy electronic indie band around.

‘All Eyes’ is heavier than tracks from their previous EP, the guitars are essentially shoegaze; mixing an Everything Everything math element with My Bloody Valentine anger. It’s an instant banger, and it’s not really even a proper single. ‘The Bell’ meanwhile emits the other worldly feel of Arcade Fire – a band PWY obviously have a lot of time for. ‘Galapaos’ is essentially ‘Funeral’ but the old world instrumentation replaced with sprawling, euphoric waves of synth.

The production is noticeably clean throughout and that can at times make the music, while all technically spot on, a little distant on a personal level. Nevertheless ‘Galapagos’ does at least show that Post War Years’ existence isn’t just to be part of the mele, there’s something here which could potentially be really exciting.
Nicholas Burman

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