The Qemists/ Spirit In The System

'Spirit In The System' by The Qemists combines guitars with fast beats but is definitely not 'Nu Rave'

Filed in The Qemists, Album Reviews | Released 16 August 10 on Ninja Tune | By Cindy Suzuki

The Qemists/ Spirit In The Systemimage
The Qemists
Spirit In The System

(Ninja Tune)

What have you done Nu Rave?! You've only gone and prejudiced people against any album which tries to combine guitars with fast beats, whirling techno samples and luminous architecture.
Which is, by the way, what this second album from The Qemists contains. Much in the same way that the latest Prodigy album beat the pants off the new Hadouken! record, this one pretty much whips both their asses. As with any record of any genre, it's all in the motifs.
This Brighton trio specialise in ridiculously fast beats, but crucially they decorate them with intimately soulful vocals ('Dirty Words' featuring 1Extra presenter Jenna G), crunchy metal riffs ('Life's Too Short') and of course a Tardis-load of electronic wizardry.
Despite the appearance of some heavy guitars, this record leans towards the urban side of the fence, but doesn't suffer for it. In fact, my only fear is that I could never throw a party mental enough to justify whacking it on!

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