Waves Of Fury / Thirst

We love a good horn section. We do, we do, we do!

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Waves Of Fury / ThirstWaves of Fury
Alive Naturalsound

Have you ever played that game where you think of your dream dinner party? Where all your favourite famous people are invited and there’s no worry they won’t get on or that is might all just be a bit awkward? Waves of Fury are that dinner party – the guests, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Iggy Pop and it’s probably a Northern Soul theme night. (Which can only be a good thing).

No doubt more than accustomed to the wild range of juxtapositions critics have already thrown at them following debut single ‘Businessman’s Guide To Witchcraft’ this summer, Somerset’s Waves Of Fury debut album Thirst has rightfully earned them a classification as one of the most exciting musical love-ins of the year.

With a healthy horn section and plenty of hand claps, Thirst bursts in with a vivacious, infectious energy and vigour that is frankly impossible to avoid. Punctuated with the Strummer scream and swagger of vocalist Carter Sharp, it’s bold and brassy (literally) tearing through the decades to birth a seductive mash-up of an album. With such big moves and big sounds, we can only expect big things.
Rachel Williams

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