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  1. Le Very

    5 Things About… Le Very

    They're from Berlin and they play razor sharp electro pop - welcome to Le Very!

    Filed in Le Very at 12.35pm on 20 November 14

  2. Suede : an exhibition

    Suede : an exhibition

    A new exhibition from multimedia artist Nick Berkeley revisits Suede in all their glory on the 20th Anniversary of Dog Man Star

    Filed in at 22.21pm on 19 November 14

  3. NEW BLOOD : Secateurs

    NEW BLOOD : Secateurs

    Doing things the old fashined way...it's time to meet Secateurs

    Filed in at 21.59pm on 19 November 14

  4. Cara Mitchell

    5 Things About… Cara Mitchell

    Nineteen year old songstress tells us about herself.

    Filed in Interviews,Cara Mitchell at 15.07pm on 19 November 14

  5. Hyena

    5 things about… Hyena

    We sit down for a few laughs and a quick-fire deep and meaningful with Hyena.

    Filed in Interviews,Hyena at 10.00am on 19 November 14

  6. Neil McLaren

    5 Things About… Neil McLaren

    Singer songwriter tells us 5 really important facts about himself.

    Filed in Interviews,Neil McLaren at 13.40pm on 17 November 14

  7. Goldie Thorn

    5 things about… Goldie Thorn

    We sat down with Antipodean dance duo Golden Thorn and asked them 5 things about themselves

    Filed in Features,Goldie Thorn at 11.01am on 17 November 14

  8. Daydream Frenzy

    5 Things About… Daydream Frenzy

    We chat to Daydream Frenzy and ask them 5 pointless questions!

    Filed in Daydream Frenzy at 14.19pm on 14 November 14

  9. The Helmholtz Resonators

    5 things about… The Helmholtz Resonators

    We ask The Helmholtz Resonators five really personal questions. Well, not that personal.

    Filed in The Helmholtz Resonators at 8.00am on 11 November 14

  10. INTERVIEW : Meilir

    INTERVIEW : Meilir

    Welsh musician Meilir has been an underground concern up until now, Arabella looks like it may change that. We speak to the man to find out his thoughts.

    Filed in Features, Interviews, at 21.10pm on 07 November 14

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