First Listen: Club Smith / Mantra

Rory Carroll flips on the new Club Smith albums' first track and tells us what he thinks. Here's a clue: he thinks muchly of it.

Filed in Club Smith, at 13.54pm on 20 January 12

Club SmithDo you hear that? No not that; that. It’s the deafening howl of people screaming ‘GUITAR MUSIC IS DEAD’. It’s quite ridiculous - mainly because everyone knows that guitar music, like Keith Richards, cannot be killed by conventional means.

The rumours of guitar music’s death have indeed been greatly exaggerated, but there might still be something to the argument that the [admittedly large] genre needs a significant injection of new blood.

This is where currently unsigned Leeds four-piece, Club Smith, come into the equation. After releasing two of our favourite ‘under the radar’ singles of 2011 (‘No Friend of Mine’ and ‘Call to Harm’, since you asked) the band knuckled down, hit the studio and began work on their debut album, ‘Beautiful and Useless’.

Earlier this week they slipped us a fresh-off-the-mixer copy of album opener, ‘Mantra’. The verdict? Well, why not judge for yourselves by clicking HERE.

Good, isn’t it? The meandering melody marks a change of pace for the band but, contrary to what you may have been told, change can actually be a very good thing. In Club Smith’s case it marks them out as the sort of band that thinks in terms of albums rather than quick-fix, three-minute singles – and we like that. We like that a lot.

‘Mantra’’s combination of huge, echoing vocals and a bass line that rattles and hums with the best of them checks a lot of our boxes, and we’re more than confident that it won’t be long before a label picks them up. They won’t save guitar music on their own, but they are shaping up to give it one hell of a kick up the arse.

Watch the videos for Club Smith's aforementioned previous two singles below...

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