Long forgotten DC superhero Vibe is back!

Filed in Geekrocker, at 13.20pm on 06 March 13 | By Wee Claire

GEEKROCKER REVIEW: Vibe #1Vibe was never coolest of superheroes; when he emerged in the 80s he was introduced as Paco Ramone - a breakdancing gang leader that later joined the Justice League. Today, Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg take the helm with this New 52 reboot of one of DC's long forgotten heroes.

No longer Paco the unlikely hero has been renamed Cisco Ramon, in fact, the creative team behind Vibe have given him a complete makeover with only a few basic details echoing the Vibe of old. Cisco gains his powers after the tragic lost of his brother. Some years later, his sonic vibration manipulation abilities get the attention of A.R.G.U.S when Agent Dale Gunn arrives to change his life forever in an attempt to recruit him within the ranks of the Justice League of America.

This isn't the most original of stories and definitely won't set your world alight but the writing team of Johns and Kreisberg are a class act and they throw in just enough intriguing morsels to keep you interested by the end. Nevertheless, it feels as though Vibe still has a lot to prove and it remains to be seen whether his story will develop into something truly legendary but there's enough for now to keep you hooked.

Vibe # 1 is out now!

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