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In conversation with Scanners

After having recently finished a European tour, London based indie five-piece Scanners are now gearing up for the released of their third album ‘Love Is Symmetry’. Artrocker’s Nathan Westley checks in with the band’s guitarist and singer Matthew Mole.

Filed in Scanners, New Blood, Features, at 11.31am on 05 May 13 | By Nathan Westley

ScannersHi, How are you today?

Fine thank you and yourself?

I’m fine too, thanks. From the outside it feels like you've been lurking away in the shadows for a while and are now stepping out into the light a bit more, what have you been up to for the past year or so?

We have been pretty busy. We’ve been writing and recording the new album, Love Is Symmetry. Sarah also gave birth to a new band member, Flynn. He shares his birthday with Elvis and David Bowie, so no pressure!
Obviously that means Sarah was pregnant when we toured the US and Europe and recorded the album. She was nine months pregnant when we did our last gig. Now we've got used to having a band and a baby, and we're ready to get going again.
As to stepping out of the shadows I'm not sure - we've got a song on the new album called 'My Streets Are Always in the Shade' and that kind of says it all.

Your third new album 'Love is Symmetry' has recently been released ... people used to speak of the "second album curse", but lately many are speaking of the third as being the tricky one, what's your take on it? Was there many difficulties third time round? Does it take a while for bands to 'discover' themselves sonically?

We didn’t have a problem actually writing 'Love Is Symmetry', it's all the other things that come with releasing an album that are tricky, like promotion and organisation. It's dependent on the band as to when they ‘discover’ themselves, if they do at all, and that can only be seen in hindsight. Our albums have always been sonically varied. Now that we have three sonically varied albums hopefully people will discover that, that is Scanners’ sound.


Back in March, you played several shows at Music festival SXSW, how was Austin? Did you enjoy the heat?

Oh yes. After we were stuck in Phoenix Arizona two years ago with no air conditioning in 120 degree heat, we all swore we'd never complain about being cold again. Well, this everlasting winter has put that to the test. Austin was hot and the shows were great. We stayed with friends out there and got to eat genuine Texas BBQ. At Chicago airport we checked in next to The Specials. A friend bumped into them at SXSW and our name came up in conversation and they said they’d seen us at the airport and did we really bring a baby to SXSW? I was like “wow’ they know who we are – but they probably just read our name on the side of our guitar cases.

If you were to give one piece of advice to a band starting out in 2013, what would it be?

Don't listen to anything we say, we're as confused as everybody else.

Finally, what are your plans for the coming months?

We've got to get some new songs ready for the next album. Maybe a little trip to the country...

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