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NEW BLOOD BLOG: In conversation with Ty Segall

The man on the tips of the tongue of every discerning grizzly rock'n'roll fan, our New Blood man sat down and has a chat with the man behind one of the years quietly successful albums (quiet until you put it on, that is)

Filed in Ty Segall, New Blood, at 12.41pm on 20 November 12 | By Nathan Westley

Ty SegallDespite still being at a ripe age, the ever youthful singer-songwriter Ty Segall could be considered a well heeled veteran of the indie spirited San Franciscan rock scene. A one-time lynchpin of bands that have largely passed under the mainstream radar, he is an ex-member of Epsilons and Sic Alps to name but two. Yet it was this year, which saw him break out and stamp an imprint on the consciousness of a much larger community. The three albums he has released this year, have all been largely met with widespread critical acclaim which led to appearance on both Conan and Letterman: yet it was the most recently released, his Sixth solo album ’Twins’ that has won him the most attention.

Hi Ty, first off how are you today and what have you been up to recently?
I am good! Been on tour for a couple of weeks...

Looking through your tour schedule and album release schedule, it looks like this has been quite a crazily busy year for you, are you looking forward to some rest?
Yes sir. Definitely looking forward to being at home...

How did the three album releases in a year plan, come about? When writing songs, is it a very much sit yourself down and force yourself to write scenario?
The three albums in one year kind of happened as an accident. Both the white fence collaboration and the slaughterhouse record we supposed to be EPs but ended up going so well that they turned into LP’s. Sometimes I force myself to write, sometimes it just happens. Usually the best stuff comes when I’m not thinking about it.

Was it difficult to separate and give enough time to each one or did the lines between each one become a bit blurry?
It wasn't difficult because all of the writing processes were different for each record... Working with different people in different situations...

In regards to writing and then later recording ‘Twins’, did you have a set sound you were aiming for? Were there any particular records that you were listening to that helped inform how the album was going to turn out?
All I wanted to do was lay down heavy fuzz.

Is releasing three things within a year something you would recommend / think about doing again?
I probably won't do it again, but I definitely suggest doing it. It was a challenge... Definitely a lot of fun.

You recently started your own label, as well. How and why did this come about? What do you have planned currently?
I wanted to put out the Trin Tran LP, and didn't know how... I talked to Dan (Koretzky of Drag City) and he suggested that we do a subsidiary and I thought "great"! Up next is White Fence...


Picture by Veronika Moore

Has your involvement with bands such as Sic Alps & Thee Oh Sees, as well as your own solo career effected how you are going to run the label / do things?
I'm not sure how big the label will be but the whole idea is to do it for the music... So keeping it mellow and focused on the music...

Having spent both time collaborating and working alone, is there now one that you prefer over the other? What’s the main benefit of each?
I like each one just as much. Working alone allows for a completely singular vision and approach... Which can be great, but working with others usually makes the outcome far more unique...

What tips could you pass on to bands / people who are looking to do music “fulltime”?
No is the most powerful word in the English language. It is better to be kind than right.

Is it important for bands to not become too predictable and to always keep people guessing about what you are going to do next? Is it important for Artists to push themselves into exploring new territory?
Most definitely.

Finally, apart from a good, well earned rest, what plans do you have for the future?
Hanging out!!! Thanks dude.

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