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New Blood Blog: Q&A Raisa K

Experimentally minded producer and instrumentalist Raisa K is best known for being one third of Micachu and The Shapes. This month see’s her step out and release her debut solo recordings on the Feeder EP. New Blood Editor Nathan Westley recently caught up with her

Filed in Raisa K, New Blood, at 5.35am on 06 February 13 | By Nathan Westley

Raisa KHi Raisa, How are you today?
Quite alright, thank you for asking, hope you’re good too.

Cool, I’m fine. You're just about to release the Feeder EP your first solo release, does it feel weird being the main focus?
Umm it doesn’t really feel like that, no.

Oh! The music on it has been described as being 'playful experimental pop' ... Did you have a set sound or idea in mind when you started creating it?
The tracks all existed prior to the decision to put out an E.P, so it was more a case of picking what tracks should form an E.P and tweaking them so that they sound consistent with each other; figuring out track-listing, so there's a flow. I guess, I wanted to pick tracks that cover a broad range of techniques and styles but also wanted a mixture of songs and instrumentals on there.

You're one third of Micachu & The Shapes and have previously collaborated with The Invisible, DELS and Kwes. Collaboration can not only be fun, but it can also be a great learning experience, right?
Yeah for sure, collaborating often makes you face a range of challenges that you might not otherwise come across if you’re working by yourself. Equally working by yourself after a long period of collaboration, also has its own set of challenges. It’s good to step out your comfort zone and change things up regularly.

The title track of your EP has a video that features Australian performance artist Betty Grumble, how did this come about & what was the inspiration behind the video?
I was still deciding which song of the bunch should be the one with the video and when I saw Betty perform for the first time, I just got blown away and thought the song and this character will make a great pair. Emma Maye, came up with the idea to film it like an FHM photo-shoot on the beach and created the video.

The EP cover is visually interesting, is presentation and image, important to you?
I guess that because I did all the tracks myself, it felt right to create the artwork myself and bind it altogether. In the song feeder there's some samples of water and I like the effect they have aurally, so I thought a good place to start visually would be to mess around with water. I wanted it to be a photo, because to me photos and samples have a similar artistic quality about them...the way you can play around with both but within limitations.

I don’t know how important presentation and image are to me, but I do think it’s nice when the visuals, fonts and colours suit the collection and personality of the songs.

What song, film or artist's are you currently digging?
I’ve just discovered Black Dice...better late than never... and wow!

Finally, what have you got planned for the rest of 2013?
Other than writing music, I’m pretty open to see what happens.

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