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New Blood Blog: Q&A with Holograms

It was back in September that Swedish punks Holograms graced our New Blood stage at the Shoreditch 1234 festival. New Blood editor Nathan Westley recently caught up with them to discuss the highs and lows of 2012

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New Blood Blog: Q&A with HologramsSo how has 2012 been?
Andreas: It’s been really chaotic, but in a good way.

It was a year that saw you release your debut album and also travel to new countries on tour, I’m guessing it’s been a year full of many changes.
Andreas: Yeah, we got signed in February and then very soon after, in March we recorded our first album. In May we got an offer to support The Soft Moon on their European tour, so we did that and tried to book a few of our own shows around that; it was a really weird experience, a weird and chaotic tour.
Anton: That tour went to Copenhagen, the Netherlands, Germany, France
Andreas: We were supposed to go to the UK but we couldn’t afford the ferry over... we lost all our money on that tour.
Phillip: A lot of the shows on that tour were really fun.
Andreas: The time between that and our United States tour was mainly spent trying to get Visas... it was a long process.
Phillip: We had to go to London a week before our 1234 show to sort out, but it all worked out.

How long were you in the states for?
Phillip: We played seventeen shows.
Anton: It was three weeks.
Andreas: And then we went home.

So this year has been pretty action packed. I’m presuming the songs on your debut were already formed, so you could jump straight in the studio, as soon as you signed.
Andreas: Yeah, we had all the songs ready. We’d been rehearsing a lot, but we hadn’t played many shows in Stockholm. We didn’t really want to play many shit shows, as we had all been in bands for a long time and we didn’t need to play shows, just to play shows.
Anton: When we started this band, we had all decided that we wanted to do something for real.


What’s the current music scene like in Stockholm?
Andreas: It’s bad.
Phillip: It’s hard to say, as I don’t know many bands from Stockholm.
Anton: In Gothenburg they have lot of really good bands, it’s weird.
Andreas: We recorded the album with a friend of ours, he has a studio in Stockholm. It was done very fast, like three days. Two days were spent recording stuff and then the next was used for mixing. Everything was recorded live and it was a fast process.

I suppose that an up shot of that, is that you capture the rawness and the live spirit of the band.
Andreas: Yes and I still want to work like that.

Most bands would now begin to start thinking about starting work on the next album, is it like that with you or is it more of a constant thing?
Andreas: Anton has a couple of songs and I have a couple also.
Phillip: We’re planning on releasing it in the Spring, April or around then.
Andreas: We’re planning on recording them sometime in the next month or in January, so... all the songs on the first album has been written around a year before. Now we have time to sit down and work on the next one, as we’re not out so much, we’re going to try and get some studio time and then you know...
Anton: We’re going to get some studio time and see what happens.

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