Q&A with… Mystery Jets from the Artrocker Awards 2012

Katia Ganfield caught up with frontman Blaine from Mystery Jets at the Artrocker Awards last week for a bit of a nosy on how the boys are getting on...

Filed in Mystery Jets, at 12.23pm on 12 December 12 | By Katia Ganfield

Mystery JetsWith 2012 coming to a close, what would you say was your highlight of the year?
We played a show at the Royal Festival Hall last week and it was a culmination of just a lot of touring this year and going to a lot more places than we’ve toured with any other records, that it all just came together really nicely. We had loads of guests, Laura Marling came up which was amazing, she very rarely comes out of the bracken and Johnny from Tribes guested and played a bit of guitar for us. We also had a gospel choir and a 3D backdrop with projections.

Favourite albums of 2012?
Tame Impala’s album, ‘Lonerism’, is really great.

What bands are you looking forward to seeing grow in 2013?
We’ve had some really great supports over the past tour like a band called Temples. They’ve only put out one single but they’re heading for really great things, reminds me of LOVE, West Coat’s kind of psychedelic stuff. Really looking forward to Peace’s record as well – they’re about the only band on the NME Awards tour that I really like. Looking forward to Swim Deep’s record too. They’re young and stuff…and bands, when they come out of town, they come to London and its like being let loose in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and they feel like they’ve got the keys to the kingdom when they arrive in London. We felt like that when we first came here. It’s great - everyone needs to enjoy that while it lasts.

Any stories from tour?
Most of them involve Peace and Swim Deep. Peace supported us in our Spring tour and Swim Deep supported us in our most recent tour. Peace particularly, that was a really fun tour. It was about a month and there were loads of really funny things that happened, I cant recall that many of them, which means they were probably quite fun.

What would be your dream gig, if there were endless possibilities?
We played a show on Second Life. Remember that game? – I don’t think it ever took off. It was a good idea, but is was right at the start and we played a concert, and they could by their tickets in Second life and attend the show, buy virtual merch and stuff. Apparently there are people in rehab for spending too much money in Second Life.

I’d love to play in zero gravity. I wonder how sound would travel, because there’s no resistance. Maybe it wouldn’t travel. Maybe it would be just like a vacuum and maybe that’s the perfect music…silence. We should all just try and achieve silence.

If you could change anything about music or the industry, what would it be?
I’d make it so you could see sound waves and music. So if people were walking around and listening to music on headphones, you could see their aura glowing, depending on what they were listening to. If everyone were glowing different colours or if there were loads of people at a gig, they’d all be glowing the same colours, apart from the odd person, who’d be really tripping out and he’d be bright yellow.

And what can we expect to see from you and Mystery Jets in the near future?
We’re done for the year really. We’re building our own studios and are going to start producing. We’re going to do our own record in Spring. We’ve got one show in December at the o2 with Mumford and Sons. So that’s kind of our last gig and we’re kind of done. We want to end on a high note and start writing new songs.

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