The Gospel of Ste McCabe

Artrocker.TV talks to the 'queer punk' and outspoken gay and lesbian activist that is Ste McCabe...

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The Gospel of Ste McCabePlease state your name, profession and any subversive activities you wish to declare.

I am Ste McCabe, professional man of the queer dancefloor. Subversive activites are a-plenty and include the promotion of queer and female musicians on my radio show on Dandelion Radio, my Pussy Whipped club nights in Manchester, and most of all the angry noise which comes from my mouth, guitar and drum machines (collectively called songs).

The mainstream gay scene is percieved as a pop fanbase. Is that a dangerous stereotype?

No, it's absolutley true, which is why I have nothing to do with it. The mainstream gay scene promotes the same safe, generic dance trash and encourages people to think about nothing but their hair-do's. Let it rot I say.

In the artwork for your last album, you notoriously juxtaposed a photo of the Pope with Nazi imagery - what was the idea behind this, and did it land you in trouble?

My aim was to point out his hatred towards LGBT people and the violence and murder in many countries it encourages. Probably if he got a willy up his bottom, he would come out of the closet and stop being so bitter. I'm not volunteering though! Some people said I was unfair for comparing religious states to Nazism, particularly some Islamic ones, but targeting LGBT's for torture and murder leaves it hard for me to find pleasant comparisons I'm afraid.


You're about to put on a night called Queer Riot, as part of the Hot August Fringe Festival in London. What's the idea behind it?

There's alot of queer art being brought together as a part of the Fringe Festival. I often find at these arts festivals that the thriving underground queer-feminist music scene is either unknown or unwanted. That's where this event comes in really, to remind people that music is art too, and one of the most most powerful forms.

You've got one band playing, Maria & The Gay, who don't have any music on their myspace player I noticed. What's going on there?!

They are an enigma, and need to be experienced live! Their last gig in Manchester saw them crammed inside a small tent onstage. Only two members of the audience could get inside to see them perform, the rest just saw shadows playing instruments from the outside! They are pure art and need to be seen.

Also playing is Abi Makes Music, could you tell us a bit about her?

Yes, she is the sarcastic electro-pop queen of the queer scene. Some people have rather disgustingly called her the lesbian Kate Nash, I think she has a dash of Depeche Mode and a dash of Lily Allen, her lyrics are brilliant and ridiculous. She's a star.

You're on Cherryade Records, which I would describe as a sort of boutique DIY indie... label... is that an accurate description?

I think that's a great description. Their home looks like a Barbie and My Little Pony Boutique actually! Seriously though, I think the only thing Cherryade artists all have in common is that they are very different to everything else that's going on, and not many others labels would release us. For different reasons, myself and bands like The Lovely Eggs, Candy Panic Attack or Bobby McGess all make people go "Eh? What are they going on about?"

Do they have an office? Is there a contract you sign?

They live in Cherryade Towers, where the magic happens. There's pink plastic furniture and records everywhere! It's all very relaxed, no contracts, we release stuff when we have it ready, which suits me as my next release later this year will be my fourth in under three years - it's as busy or relaxed as the artists want it to be, which is amazing allows for genuine creativity.

Finally, and to paraphrase the Flaming Lips, if you had infinite power, what would you do?

I'd give the Pope a pair of breasts and his own transgendered butch lesbian to fondle them. He'd be so much happier, and it would make a great record cover.


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