The Great Escape 2012: Ten Great New Bands

Artrocker reporters Nathan Westley and Stuart Gadd have returned from Brighton with ten new band names buzzing in their minds - and here's why. Photo: Trippple Nipples by Beki Cowey

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The Great Escape 2012: Ten Great New BandsPOND

As huggable as Huggy Bear in a nappy yet as thuggish as the Stooges, this outfit who feature two thirds of Tame Impala combine serene prog with the most protoplasmically primitive riffing imaginable. Already Aussie rock royalty; these will soon be drowning in praise both sides of the ocean. SG


Weston-Super-mare may not have a reputation for being the most rock ‘n’ roll of places but it may have just birthed a band that'll up its shares. Towns are four fresh faced youths who thrive on the influence of early Primal Scream, mixing it with Brian Jonestown posturing (without the dysfunctional leader). NW


Both bassy and noirish, Palma Violets are very much familiar with rock’s primary colours; yet twist them together in such a way that it becomes distinctively attractive. It’s the sound of Wu Lyf with a passioned soul and dual, howling werewolf vocals conjuring up stories of urban desolation doped with romance adorned woe. These recent Rough Trade signings should become the envy of many lesser groups. SG


This five strong troupe should already be a name familiar with those who saw The Horrors tour late last year. Psych band who experiment with the basics of Kraut-rock, post-rock and punk and blend into a seductive recipe. NW


These three Southern Elvira’s may be signed to Jack White’s Third Man Records and know the witchy roots of the blues but it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if they were at least familiar with the uncompromising punk of Crass. The playing is rudimentary but knows when to electric shock with Jimmy Page guitar strangulation, definitely not the female White Stripes, instead they’re the modern day Slits with a passion for Zeppelin. SG


A performance art statement wrapped inside a jammed up noise rock group masquerading as a pop group; this Tokyo high concept outfit have too many layers of meaning to attempt to explicate here. It’s impressive music which has as much in common with Health as it does the Sugababes with a healthy dose of Sex Pistols theatricality thrown in for extra insaneness. Expect food to be spat into audiences faces, while a message on body and gender issues is screamed by a titty tape covered member. Intelligent and bloody raucous; watching Trippple Nippples is an experience unlike any
other. SG


I.R.O.K, or the Intergalactic Republic Of Kongo as they're known to those with a penchant for elongated names, are an energetic bunch who will leave a lasting impression. Primarily rythmn driven with splashes of cosmic brain melting synths; this dance heavy, body moving inducing musical soup is the sound of early E-driven Prodigy being beamed into new and interesting territories. NW


Disenfranchised and disillusioned with the state of Great Britain, Eagulls represent the sound of modern day youths thrown into a world fixated with belt tightening and safe betting. Mixing the spirit of punk in its original form with a noisy and thrashy lo-fi ethos, these Leeds scamps have enough catchy hooks to both catch and wheel you in. NW


The spirit of these three London based girl’s music is summoned from long lost late Eighties and early Nineties shoegaze infected C-90 based mixtapes. Occasionally ramshackle in structure; it has an appealing fragility and looseness that gives way when the pure adrenalized overdriven guitar kick in. More then just the sum of their influences; watch them go far. SG


Some bands get thrusted into the limelight for all the wrong reasons and if you pick up a tabloid in the next few days, you may just find a little mention of Violet in the gossip section. Violet may feature Pixie Geldolf on vocals, but the band coil a seductive sound that melds Nancy Sinatra hushed vocals with a delicate shoegaze touched backing. NW

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