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Artrocker Awards 20122012 was the year that new music got a bit of rock’n’roll and beer back into it. Below we’ve got ten of the best New Blood’s of the year, from tinnitus inducing shoegaze to spunky indie pop music the way it should be.

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Dark Horses
Brooding, moody, bone crunching music with a tint of the apocalyptic about it – it wasn’t going to be a hard sell to get us so excited about Dark Horses. Their debut album ‘Black Music’ was a mark of intent for a loosely strung collective of leather jacket wearing rock’n’roller’s who want to take you on. Head on.

Our New Blood Unsigned competition winners of the year – these Bristol guys not only deliver their own brand to tinnitus inducing, noise-out post rock, but also run their very own DIY label, Howling Owl, which is one of the most creative gaggles of noisy rock around.

“Husbands, husbands, husbands, husbands” wheezes frontwoman Jehn on their stand out track ‘Husbands’, in what seems to be some mythical chant where she’s after every male’s blood, eek! Taking the soul of Siouxsie Sioux and projecting it through a prism of proto punk glory, their enigmatic stage performances alone make them worthy of this nomination.

Tall Ships
The three years of relentless touring, perfecting their studio technique and building a strong family around them have been the three crucial ingredients to make Tall Ships such a much loved band on the UK toilet circuit. Hard work, intricate, emotive songs and an adoring audience – they're sailing high indeed.

Comprised of two brothers, and two guys who might as well be brothers, Towns showcase a best mates on the piss approach when playing live. But instead of looking like four amateurs, they manage to embody the hazy, full throttle atmosphere of the late 80s reverb chuggers they’re inspired by.

Kitsune’s latest project, the ex-Official Secrets Act guys rebranded this year with an Orange Juice-inspired pop tour de force. After full UK and European tours, it’s unlikely they’ll be staying a secret again for much longer.

Legendary label Rough Trade got on a plane and signed these guys after hearing only one demo tape, so the story goes. All ripped jeans and DIY hair cuts, Howler brought a bit of Americana to the UK indie scene with them this year.

Fear Of Men
This two girl, two boy, band from Brighton have had tastemaker labels Sexbeat and Too Pure Singles Club putting out material from them this year – if you haven’t delved into their dreamy guitar music yet then now is the perfect chance.

Dog is Dead
Fresh faced, brass induced, upbeat indie pop here. Their debut album All Our Favourite Stories got backing from the likes of Huw Stephens. Most of their fans might get ID’s at the door, but who cares, they’ve got a saxophone!

These Bristol sisters kicked up quite a bit of fuss this year. Their doom rock backed with the dual female harmonies makes for a haunting effect. But does it win you over?

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