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Natasha Grant heads down to see a band which saved her from the boredom of uni...

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Scanners / ScalaWhen I found out Scanners were supporting Ultrasound, at Scala I quite literally jumped for Joy. This is the band which became the soundtrack to the latter part of my degree. Where not a single day went by without a good ol’ sing- along to 'Violence is Golden'. Now with pipes fully tuned and can - in - hand I stood eagerly awaiting their performance. Amina Bates opened the set with a sound similar to that of a banshee scream which pierced through the crowd, creating a wave of silence and intense focus within the room. It was a welcome surprise, which was met by melodic guitars and psychedelic synth notes. It was a great show, with a range of tracks played from their first two albums including 'Lowlife' (a favourite of my younger self) and new album to be released next year, with a performance I really felt fuelled by enchanting vocals and a captivating stage presence.
Natasha Grant

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