Slow Magic / Shacklewell Arms

Slow Magic is 'Music by your imaginary friend' - well assuming that your imaginary friend died with puberty, it would be pretty weird to envisage them as a tribal inspired cyber fox, but having never had one perhaps this is completely normal, though come on it is a bit Donnie Darko minus all the evil

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Slow Magic / Shacklewell ArmsWhen Slow Magic appeared on stage it did take me by surprise; there was no interim between the last performer and him, but the immediate burst into the ethereal electronic beats of ‘On Yr Side’ was pretty much all the warm up needed. The mask, use of African drum inspired beats, which heightened the power of the each track combined with the electronics, worked together to create the intrigue and mystical element to the performance which seemed to transcend the mind into an electronic haze. Looking around the venue it was a bit like being in a silent disco with everyone seeming lost within their own connection to the sound, lots of dancing and slow head bobbing, which changed when Slow Magic would suddenly step out amongst the crowd with only his drum causing the audience to form a circle, as though taking part in a ritual, made more effective as the venue was cast in near darkness with only the stage lighting and the flashing of camera’s providing any source of radiance. It added to the affect and was in effect a pretty enigmatic performance not bad at all for a solo performer in a mask, playing a synthesiser and a single drum.
Natasha Grant

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