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The Undivided return to the London live circuit all Gibson's blazing!

Filed in Going Out Live, Live Reviews | Date: 14 May 13 at | By AP Childs

Going Out LiveWith a new management contract and album in the process the Cardiff four-piece are tonight in clear re-launch mode and come out all Gibsons blazing and take no time to seize the ears of the room with their fast, direct reappraisal of post-hardcore, Emo rock.

Whether born out of nerves or just an over-eagerness to nail a rare London show, it is a quick-fire set that sees the band rattle through opener ‘You and Me’ at a tremendous yet shaky pace. On follow-up number ‘Headlights’, the band start to relax into the show and immediately their initial manic energy settles down into something more natural and fluid as the band's frontline of Joe Disson, Fergus Gleeson and Lewis Bray move and swing to the skin-tight groove assault of drummer Rhydian Mason.

Wingman guitarist Bray does a fine line in stadium trashing intros, and numbers like ‘Open Your Eyes’ and ‘Panic’ are immediately mesmerising. Singer Joe comes alive on these numbers too, as if he knows Bray’s scorching intros, a collision of U2, early Simple Minds, and SLF, are something to follow and indeed match.

These days, it is clear The Undivided’s well-honed musicianship and stylishly crafted melodies transcends the straight-forward grind of their Emo roots, and the band seem to have a desire to lock into something more akin to the rock mainstream.

After witnessing this quick staccato, six number set it is clear The Undivided are a band loaded with potential and certainly possess the wherewithal to nail down a fat anthem or two. Less jangle of the nerves and a bit more spangle on the mangle and this band could indeed grab the imagination of the Great British public.

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