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The Duke SpiritTo celebrate their upcoming European tour, The Duke Spirit have announced an EP of remixes to follow in the wake of their critically acclaimed third album Bruiser.

Leading the crop of friends and fellow musicians who have remixed tracks from the album is Gary Numan, whose mix of 'Procession' we're exclusively offering as a stream on Artrocker.TV.

The EP drops on iTunes this Sunday 4 March. In the meantime, here is your exclusive stream!

Explaining the signature dark and moody Numan remix, The Duke Spirit's Liela Moss said it was the result of a chance meeting and a good cup of tea.

"I made such an absolutely fantastic cuppa that Gary asked if he could join my band. I had to let him down gently, and so he suggested he could do a remix to appease him for the time being, and the rest is history.

"We love his reworking of the track, and are in awe of his wizardry. He has turned 'Procession' into a devious, sinister ghost-train of a ride."

The full line-up of The Duke Spirit's remix EP is:

1] PROCESSION - Remixed by legendary dystopian alien boy/Electronic warlord Gary Numan. Whoa!

2] CHERRY TREE, remixed by SONOIO, aka Alessandro Cortini - former Nine Inch Nails keyboard wunderkind/synth surgeon.

3] BODIES, remixed by BLACK ONASSIS, the pummelling Brooklyn based Electronica/Rock'n'Roll band formed by nomadic former Kasabian guitarist & songwriter Chris Karloff & ex Boggs drummer Brad Conroy.

4] DON'T WAIT, remixed by LOOSE MEAT. Loose Meat is the twisted pop collusion of Archie Bronson Outfit's ARP and Capitol K.

For more information on The Duke Spirit's tour of UK and Europe, which kicks off on 1 March, visit:


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