Brett Anderson reveals details of new album Black Rainbows

The Suede frontman has released the tracklisting for the 'electric' project

Filed in Brett Anderson, News at 10.44am on 15 July 11

Brett AndersonSuede's frontman Brett Anderson is set to return to the solo spotlight shortly with his new album Black Rainbows, which has been described as more 'rock' and 'electric' than his previous solo LPs.

The record is released on 26 September, with a single 'Brittle Heart' coming out on 15 August.

Anderson has described the album as a return to the rock band format, with "no flute players, no strings, no gimmicks, just passion”.

The tracklisting for Black Rainbows is:

Brittle Heart
Crash About To Happen
I Count The Times
The Exiles
This Must Be Where It Ends
In The House Of Numbers
Thin Men Dancing

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