FEATURE: Cole Salewicz brings you his London adventures for the first time in 2014

Cole of Savage Nomads reports from seeing Rad Fru, Desperate Journalist and more

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It's been a little while since I got to grips with my heavy riffs: I've been messing about with 80s drum machines and girly harmonies.

But all this span backwards on the dance floor when my Savage Nomads
were recently supported at The Amersham Arms in New Cross – and somewhat terrified - by the awesome RAD FRU. Bisque Weymss hammers away like a madman on the beat whilst partner in crime Cavey simultaneously screeches nutty licks on his telecaster and wails white boy blues.

Given that they're a duo, these boys make a stupefying amount of glorious noise recalling the likes of Led Zep, ZZ Top and Wolfmother. When the played Double A- side release Tempting Meat/Metal Bar (out now on Caledonian Records), It triggered an onslaught of Scousers dressed in matching baby blue shell suits to go completely barmy – to which the band responded with faster jams and funnier hair flicks. These boys love to rock, and that love for what they're doing makes them a joy to behold: they are truly exciting. Catch them for free at The Shacklewell Arms on the 21st of Feb or March 7th with Haraket at The George Tavern: stay tuned to their Facebook page for more...


I have been consistently blaring RADSTEWART's 'Arabesque Bedouin', taken off last autumn's self released Whig Crooks and Beer Swindlers EP. The addictive drawl and dry wit of singer Jac nestled so snugly amidst his band's off kilter melodies and swinging grooves, and he had me at 'hello'. I was understandably excited to discover their recent tune uploaded to Soundcloud: 'Insane Parties', a tinge of irony in the title, I wonder? This waltzing number sneers in utter disdain at university life, at the shuddering concept of fitting in and even the horror of dressing up to attend a fresher's event. It's seethingly judgmental: what fun. The drop into heavy chords relieves the tension quite brilliantly - just for a second - before the swinging groove resumes in tandem with the return to normal, mundane uni life. Insane Parties is the first track from Radstewart's Wiccan and Beatlemancer's EP out on Alcopop Records in March.
The boys are playing a few dates in February including an XFM show at the Barfly before they support Johnny Foreigner on tour in March. I predict bigger and better things for RadStewart in 2014...great name, also...


The freshest, hookiest kids coming out of South London are KING T.V. Awesome pop songs that remind me of the genius and belated Exploding Hearts, as well as The New York Dolls and Blur. I LOVE Louis Milburn's psychedelic infectious melodies and the DIY-production style expertly captures the fine line between indie-lazy and indie-brilliant (props for sticking wholeheartedly with those distorted vocals). You're on My Mind is an absolute gem of a love song ('you're in my head, you're in my dreams girl', ah yeah) and the stand out track for me on their debut EP: SET 2. I really hope to see a hazy, colourful messy video for this soon as the boys are done with those pesky A Levels. Check 'em out next month supporting The Death of Pop at The Islington. You won't be sorry!


I sauntered down to The Old Blue Last the other week to check out the terrific club night DISORDER: as usual I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and diversity of the acts. DESPERATE JOURNALIST stole the show for me: cleverly crafted angular post-punk with disarming confidence.
Singer Jo Bevan's presence would be enough to capture your gaze but her thunderous melodies kept the usually poorly attentive East London crowd hushed in awe. The band rip through a 25 minute set barely pausing for breath with 'Mistakes' (taken off their debut EP, out now) standing out for me as the highlight: the middle 8 ascending guitar fuzz perfectly complimenting Bevan's tales of teenage angst. The band support The Black Tambourines next Friday (FEB 21st) at The Purple Turtle in Camden (free entry) and according to their Facebook page have more new material on the way. My ears are pricked in anticipation.


Last but certainly not least I have to pose the question: is KOSMIC TROUBADOUR London's best performer? He's certainly the most entertaining guy I've seen stand up on a stage singing songs of love and togetherness whilst going completely ballistic on his keyboard and drum machine. Depending on how he's vibing the crowd I'm pretty sure you get something wildly different every time with the Kosmic One - but his idea to run into the audience and hand out percussion for them to jam with is a good one. I even saw him invite one nutter up onstage to sing The Beatles' 'All you Need Is Love'. Check out the recent poptastic Kraftwerk-esque offering 'The Kosmic Troubadour Song' and look out for him gigging round Camden way.

Cole Salewicz

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