Queen Join Artrocker in Apple Publishing World With New eBook

Queen have joined Artrocker in the Apple publishing world with the release of their new eBook '40 Years of Queen'

Filed in Queen, News at 11.26am on 18 December 12

QueenArtrocker's Chris Hornby got to have afternoon tea with Queen guitarist Brian May as the band celebrated their move into the e-publishing world with the Apple eBook release of their physical book '40 Years of Queen'. Following on from Artrocker's own venture into the world of Apple e-publishing with the Gary Numan Special Edition iPad App, Queen's book also features a host of interactive goodies only available in the digital world. Readers can seamlessly purchase Queen iTunes products without leaving the page, making it the only product where you simply hit a button and the relevant iTunes page pops up in front of you!

Other interactive extras include a solvable electronic jigsaw puzzle, zoomable photographs, multi-image galleries, animations to show off vinyl inside and out, hotlinks for simple navigation, and even photographs of mud-wrestling women... I'm not sure Freddie would have had much interest in those though!

On meeting Brian May, Chris Hornby said: "Brian May is fooking brilliant. He's just a guy in a band who gives a shit, but it just so happens his band are massive."

So if you're gonna buy one thing from Apple this year make it the Gary Numan Now... and then Special Edition iPad App... and if you're going to buy a second thing then make it a subscription to Artrocker from the Apple Newsstand... but if you're feeling really flush then you should also treat yourself to the '40 Years of Queen' eBook.

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