SINGLE REVIEW: Poeticat - Kind Words Soft Kill

If you’re a fan of the weird and wonderful then look no further

Filed in News at 11.00am on 28 October 13

SINGLE REVIEW: Poeticat - Kind Words Soft KillSINGLE REVIEW: Poeticat / Kind Words Soft Kill

Poeticat are here. Hailing from London, Lisbon and Basildon the five-piece have managed to fuse spoken word vocal delivery with some of the most far out, psychedelic leaning space noises I have ever heard. With backgrounds in the poetry scene, theatre arts and the Institute of Contemporary Music it is no wonder that Baj Kenrick, Catherine Marindale, Vic Meadowcroft, Ziggi Jadovski and ( wait for it...) Dr Goat Foot’s music is something of the extraordinary. Their track ‘Kind Words Soft Kill’ uses Catherine Marindale’s already prominent spoken word style with Ziggi Jadovski’s experimental harmonies and some pretty surreal instrumentation to create something that is completely original and genre bending. If you’re after something you may not have heard before then go no further. You can’t really get any more different than this.

Sam Willis

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