Singles for the week starting 27th August!

Blood Red Shoes are one of our singles on the month, while Oberhofer gets the dance beat out

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Singles for the week starting 27th August!Blood Red Shoes
In Time To Voices
(V2/Co-Operative Music)

They've always known how to pen a decent tune, these two. Blood Red Shoes have managed to survive the great rock destruction of circa 2008 and come out the other end, and are you ready for some shredding guitars? Because we are.
In Time To Voices is a balls-to-the-wall, riff laden, kaboom of a single. The duo's penchant for no holds barred rock'n'roll hasn't be quashed, Laura-Mary Carter's sumptuous vocals work perfectly with the clean cut, tight drum work from Steven Ansell. Apparently this track was recorded in the time it took Steven to pop out of the studio to get a bottle of wine, and that's about as long as it'll take you to fall in love with this.
Nicholas Burman

Cruising FDR
(Glassnote/CoOp Music)

The garage beat is everywhere at the moment, that and surf guitars. Case in point: Oberhofer. Cruising FDR combines Americana with teen romanticism and that classic combination works here. Produced by Steve Lillywhite, the potentital for the washy cymbals and organ to blur into a mesh is avoided and instead the chorus florishes as the band tell of a dreamy, sunny drive along the American coast while not “being too far”. It's unadulterated fun, and best of all, you can dance along to that garage beat.
Nicholas Burman

Waves of Fury
Businessman’s Guide To Witchcraft
(Alive Naturalsound)

Scuzzy proto-punk in the vein of Iggy Pop morphing into a Motown-beat driven garage track. Sounds like a mess; but this isn't impossibly cluttered, it's impossibly good. All bursts of horn and screeching vocals - it sounds like a forgotten gem from the Ace Records catalogue, but it's brand new. B-Side Papa Sam sees them move into Jesus and Mary Chain territory, all wailing and soundscape-y rock'n'roll vocals. If you need a 'tune', whack this on the stereo.
Nicholas Burman

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