Resonance FM and Heaviness

Tom Artrocker ponders his grumpiness during his guest appearance on this year's final Artrocker Radio Show...

Filed in Welcome to my World at 11.36am on 10 December 10 | By Tom Artrocker

last week I toddled up to Resonance FM ( in Borough High Street to record the end of year Artrocker Radio Show with host Paul Artrocker. It's always a pleasure to say hello to the Resonance folk - fine people - and there's always a kind of strange sensation when I visit. Once you close the door behind you the world and it's troubles seem to disappear - you are now in a world that concerns itself with the fine points of recording an egg; 'Let the world do as it will - how do I record an egg?'. I have no idea whether anybody at Resonance has actually ever tried to record an egg, but it begs the question: why not? Resonance is an institution we'd all be worse off for losing, not that there's any immediate danger of that happening, thanks heavens.

Anyhoo, through the snow I struggled, got there on time, had a gasper, thought about recording eggs and eventually entered the little pre-record room to discuss the year with Paul. Reader, I think I was too negative: 'What do you think of the new US bands?' 'Crap!', 'The new, heavy stuff, it's great isn't it?' 'No, most of it sounds like Black Flag and they can't seem to write songs'...You get the drift. I do my best not to be Mr Downer but if people insist on asking me straight questions the least I can do is give straight answers. And while I might believe that the 'music business' has spent the last 15 years royally rogering itself into oblivion I take great heart from the existence of Resonance in a world where original creative thinking is at a premium. I've thought long and hard about recording that egg and now I think I've cracked it (sorry). If John Cage makes number 1 this Yule (and there'd be a party at Resonance if he did) I'll release my egg recording at Easter backed by a huge facebook campaign.

You can listen to the show and judge for yourselves just how grumpy I was by checking the pod-cast here here.

I've been getting some nice feedback about the Rock'n'Roll Movies feature in the latest Artrocker Magazine (buy it at, thanks again to those of you who sent in your suggestions - it was a big help. Perhaps you can help me with this: What is Heavy? Sure there's Heavy Metal, but what's the 'heaviest' thing you've ever heard? Let me know - tom[at]artrockermagazine[dot]com.

Tom Artrocker

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