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  1. India Mill

    EXCLUSIVE: India Mill - Morning Song

    EXCLUSIVE: We premiere the new video for India Mill single 'Morning Song'

    Filed at 12.40pm on 24 November 14

  2. HAWK

    VIDEO: HAWK - ‘Hush’

    HAWK's latest video for 'Hush' is here!

    Filed at 19.15pm on 19 November 14

  3. Miss Kenichi

    VIDEO: Miss Kenichi - ‘The Ghost’

    Miss Kenichi's captivating video for 'The Ghost' is out now!

    Filed at 14.24pm on 18 November 14

  4. VIDEO PREMIERE: Red House Glory - Living A Lie

    VIDEO PREMIERE: Red House Glory - Living A Lie

    Being completely truthful, Red House Glory’s ‘Living A Lie’ gets us very excited. It’s proper big rock, done completely right. This London quartet are sure to blaze a triumphant trail of new rock ‘n’ roll as they swagger their way into 2015 with this amazing debut.

    Filed at 11.34am on 14 November 14

  5. VIDEO: The Savage Nomads - Pinkie’s Little Light

    VIDEO: The Savage Nomads - Pinkie’s Little Light

    Savage Nomads have released a new video for their Single 'Pinkie's Little Light', which is out November 24th.

    Filed at 16.12pm on 13 November 14

  6. Le Very

    VIDEO: Le Very - ‘Playground’

    Le Very release their EP 'Playground' on November 3rd, here's their latest video.

    Filed at 16.59pm on 29 October 14

  7. Hello Future

    EXCLUSIVE: Hello Future ‘Do You Feel Alive’

    Scots show a penchant for 90's American alt-rock on brand new video.

    Filed at 11.23am on 24 October 14

  8. Goldie Thorn

    EXCLUSIVE: Goldie Thorn present video for Down Town Time

    Goldie Thorn drop an electronic ear worm of epic proportions with their video for Down Town Time.

    Filed at 9.29am on 22 October 14

  9. Feldspar

    VIDEO: Feldspar - ‘Cure For The Night’

    Feldspar's latest video for 'Cure For The Night' takes lyric videos to the next level.

    Filed at 13.40pm on 07 October 14

  10. Remembering August

    VIDEO: Remembering August - ‘Stay’

    Welsh duo Remembering August release their single 'Stay' on 20th October 2014...

    Filed at 13.09pm on 02 October 14

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