The Crown’ Recreates Kate Middleton’s Infamous See-Through Dress that Caught Prince William’s Attention

“The Crown” has unveiled a sneak peek at its recreation of a pivotal fashion moment: Kate Middleton’s daring see-through dress that made waves back in 2002. This gown, famously modeled by the future Princess of Wales during a charity fashion show at St. Andrew’s University, reportedly caught the eye of Prince William, who was seated in the front row at the time.

As the two were first-year students at the university, Kate confidently strutted down the runway in this striking ensemble, grabbing the attention of the prince.

In anticipation of the premiere of “The Crown” Season 6 part 2 on December 14, Netflix offered a glimpse of actress Meg Bellamy donning the iconic dress for the show, while Ed McVey portrays William.

The original dress was a sheer creation designed by fellow student Charlotte Todd. It consisted of a turquoise-and-black tube top paired with black bottoms. Todd, reflecting on the moment, expressed her excitement about how her creation became entwined in the royal romance, highlighting that Kate wasn’t initially intended to wear it; it was more a stroke of luck.

The dress was born as an assignment themed around “The Art of Seduction.” Interestingly, this very fashion show is often regarded as the beginning of William and Kate’s romantic journey, a small but significant piece in royal history, as Todd noted in 2020.

Following their grand wedding at Westminster Abbey in 2011, the royal couple—now parents to Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—embarked on a different fashion journey. Kate’s style evolved, moving away from revealing outfits to more sophisticated, conservative attire. Her wardrobe transitioned from striking dresses to more accessible high street fashion, showcasing brands like Zara and GAP. However, in recent times, the future queen has been noted for embracing power suits, indicating a shift in her fashion choices.