59,100 Indians Acquired US Citizenship in 2023: Exploring the Trends and Motivations


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently released its 2023 fiscal year report, revealing that over 59,100 individuals from India acquired US citizenship. This significant figure positions India as the second-largest source country for new American citizens, trailing only Mexico. This news has sparked widespread interest, prompting questions about the underlying trends and motivations driving this surge.

Key Findings:

  • Number of Indian Citizens: As mentioned, 59,100 Indians became US citizens in 2023, representing a 6.7% share of all new citizens. This marks a consistent upward trend, with the number of Indian-born US citizens increasing steadily over the past decade.
  • Comparison with Other Countries: Mexico remains the top source of new US citizens, with over 1.1 lakh individuals obtaining citizenship in 2023. Following India, the Philippines and the Dominican Republic rounded out the top five, with approximately 44,800 and 35,200 new citizens, respectively.
  • Reasons for Citizenship Acquisition: While definitive data on individual motivations is unavailable, several factors are likely contributing to this trend. These include:
    • Economic Opportunities: The US economy continues to offer attractive job prospects and higher earning potential, particularly for skilled professionals in fields like technology, engineering, and healthcare.
    • Educational Advancement: Many Indians pursue higher education in the US, and acquiring citizenship can facilitate career opportunities and permanent residency after graduation.
    • Family Reunification: The US has a large and well-established Indian diaspora, with many individuals seeking to join family members who are already citizens.
    • Quality of Life: The US is perceived as offering a higher quality of life in terms of healthcare, education, and overall safety, which can be appealing to many individuals and families.
    • Political and Social Factors: While not a primary driver, the political and social climate in India may also influence some individuals’ decisions to seek citizenship elsewhere.

Additional Considerations:

  • Impact on India: The outflow of skilled professionals and talent can have both positive and negative impacts on India’s economy. While remittances from overseas Indians can contribute to the national economy, the loss of talent can hinder domestic development.
  • US Immigration Policy: The US immigration system is complex and constantly evolving. Understanding the current policies and pathways to citizenship is crucial for individuals considering this option.
  • Integration and Contribution: New US citizens from India play a vital role in enriching American society through their diverse skills, perspectives, and cultural contributions.


The rising number of Indians acquiring US citizenship reflects a complex interplay of economic, educational, familial, and personal aspirations. While this trend presents opportunities for both individuals and the US, it’s crucial to consider the potential impact on India and ensure equitable and inclusive integration for new citizens in the US.

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