Bruce Smith’s Insights on Sacking Patrick Mahomes Revealed

Bruce Smith, the legendary Buffalo Bills defensive lineman, known for his fearsome presence on the field and his record-breaking sack count, recently shared his secrets to sacking modern-day quarterbacks, particularly the elusive Patrick Mahomes. In an exclusive interview with FanSided, Smith delved into the nuances of pass-rushing in today’s NFL, shedding light on the evolving dynamics of the game.

When queried about the elusive Mahomes, Smith’s advice was surprisingly straightforward: “Just get him on the ground, don’t go for the kill shot, unless you’re coming from the blind side.” While Mahomes may not possess the swiftness or power of some quarterbacks, his unparalleled ability to maneuver within the pocket presents a unique challenge to defenders.

Reflecting on the differences between pass-rushers of his era and those of today, Smith emphasized the timeless importance of agility and flexibility. According to him, the ability to bend and turn the corner remains the cornerstone of exceptional pass-rushing, transcending generational disparities.

In discussing the broader context of rule changes in the NFL, Smith astutely observed the league’s offensive-centric nature, highlighting the emphasis on protecting quarterbacks. He wryly referred to them as the “princes” of the game, aptly capturing the league’s prioritization of offensive prowess.

As speculation swirled regarding the outcome of the Super Bowl, Smith refrained from making explicit predictions but emphasized the pivotal role of the San Francisco 49ers’ defense. In his view, their ability to contain Travis Kelce and apply pressure on Mahomes with their front four could ultimately tilt the scales in their favor. However, he cautioned against underestimating Mahomes and Kelce, acknowledging their game-changing potential.

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