Confusion over OnePlus 12R’s storage? Here’s everything you need to know

The release of the OnePlus 12R was met with much anticipation, but excitement soon turned to confusion regarding its storage specifications. Initial announcements listed UFS 4.0 storage across variants, a significant upgrade over the previous generation. However, OnePlus recently clarified this information, revealing that all OnePlus 12R models utilize UFS 3.1 storage. This unexpected twist naturally raises questions and concerns for potential buyers. Let’s delve into the details, understand the implications, and navigate through this recent development.

The Initial Announcement and Subsequent Clarification:

During the launch, OnePlus proudly presented the 12R with UFS 4.0 storage, highlighting its faster read/write speeds and improved performance. This resonated well with tech enthusiasts, as UFS 4.0 represents a significant advancement in storage technology. However, shortly after the release, OnePlus acknowledged an error in their communication. In an official statement, they confirmed that all 12R variants come equipped with UFS 3.1 storage, not UFS 4.0 as previously stated. This unexpected revelation understandably caused disappointment and confusion among buyers and reviewers alike.

Understanding the Difference: UFS 3.1 vs. UFS 4.0:

While both UFS 3.1 and 4.0 are high-performance storage solutions, they offer distinct capabilities:

  • UFS 3.1:┬áThis widely adopted standard delivers impressive read/write speeds, making it ideal for multitasking, app loading, and handling large files. It’s found in numerous flagship and mid-range devices, offering reliable performance.
  • UFS 4.0:┬áThe latest iteration boasts significant improvements over its predecessor. Read/write speeds jump considerably, translating to faster app launches, file transfers, and overall responsiveness. Its power efficiency is also enhanced, contributing to better battery life.

Impact on Performance and User Experience:

The most critical question in this situation is: How does this storage change affect the 12R’s performance and user experience?

OnePlus assures users that UFS 3.1 in the 12R remains a capable and responsive storage solution. They further emphasize their proprietary “Trinity Engine” software optimizations, designed to maximize performance and minimize the impact of the UFS version. Benchmarks and early user reviews suggest that the 12R still delivers a smooth and snappy experience, despite the lack of UFS 4.0.

However, it’s undeniable that UFS 4.0 would have offered a higher performance ceiling. Power users who heavily multitask, demand lightning-fast app launches, or frequently deal with large files might feel a slight difference. Additionally, the future-proofing aspect of UFS 4.0 is lost, as it could potentially handle upcoming demanding applications and data-intensive tasks more efficiently.

Transparency and Trust: Lessons Learned:

This storage miscommunication highlights the importance of accurate and transparent information from manufacturers. While mistakes happen, timely and clear communication is crucial to maintain trust with consumers. In this case, OnePlus took responsibility for the error and provided a swift explanation. However, they could have further mitigated the situation by proactively addressing potential user concerns and offering more concrete details about performance comparisons between UFS 3.1 and 4.0 in the 12R.


The OnePlus 12R’s storage saga is a reminder of the importance of accurate information and open communication when launching new products. While the switch to UFS 3.1 doesn’t necessarily translate to a major performance downgrade, it does create a gap between expectations and reality. Users should weigh their personal needs and priorities when deciding if the 12R remains a suitable choice. Moving forward, manufacturers must prioritize clear and consistent information to build trust and avoid similar situations in the future.

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