Cowabunga! Snag the Free Krang Back Bling in Fortnite’s TMNT Collaboration

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans rejoice! The heroes in a half-shell have officially landed in Fortnite, bringing not only epic cosmetics and challenges, but also the coveted Krang Back Bling – and you can get it for free!

But wait, there’s a catch! (Don’t worry, it’s a fun one.) To unlock the brain-boss himself attached to your back, you’ll need to channel your inner turtle and complete a series of Cowabunga Quests. These themed challenges are divided into six phases, each unlocking a piece of the Krang Blueprint. Collect all six, and the gnarliest Back Bling in the game is yours!

Here’s the latest info on how to get your hands (or rather, backpack) on the Krang Back Bling:

1. Cowabunga Begins: This phase is already live, so grab your shell-tastic gear and head into Battle Royale! Complete five quests like “Deal damage with Katanas” or “Eliminate opponents while using Michelangelo’s Grappling Hook” to unlock the first Krang Blueprint.

2. Gear Up!: This phase launches on February 12th, bringing new quests focused on mastering the turtles’ unique weapons and gadgets. Hone your skills and snag the second Blueprint!

3. Cowabunga Clash!: Get ready to rumble on February 15th! These quests will test your combat prowess, tasking you with eliminating opponents and completing objectives in specific locations. Emerge victorious and claim the third Blueprint.

4. Give ‘Em Shell!: Channel your inner defensive master on February 18th with quests focused on surviving and protecting your teammates. Survive the storm and shell-ebrate with the fourth Blueprint.

5. Showdown Shred!: Shredder himself takes center stage on February 21st! These quests will pit you against the iconic villain and his Foot Clan minions. Defeat them and claim the penultimate Blueprint.

6. Shellebrate!: Wrap up the Cowabunga Quests on February 24th with a celebratory finale! Complete these quests and unlock the final Blueprint, assembling the Krang Back Bling in all its glory!

Remember: You don’t need to purchase the TMNT Battle Pass to unlock the Krang Back Bling. All six phases are free to access, making it a truly rewarding experience for any Fortnite player and TMNT fan.


So grab your nunchakus, crank up the pizza tunes, and get ready to Cowabunga your way to the Krang Back Bling! With six phases of exciting quests and the iconic brain villain himself as the reward, this is a collaboration you won’t want to miss. So, jump into Fortnite, channel your inner turtle, and let the Cowabunga spirit guide you to victory!

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