DoorDash Collaborates with Toronto Chef Craig Wong for Exclusive Lunar New Year Dish

Celebrating Lunar New Year with Culinary Delight and Festive Surprises

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DoorDash Canada is ushering in the Lunar New Year in style through a captivating partnership with renowned Toronto-based Chef Craig Wong. Celebrated for his innovative Chinese-Jamaican fusion cuisine at Patois, Chef Craig has crafted a tantalizing limited-edition dish, ‘Long Life Noodles with Fried Chicken Cutlet,’ available exclusively on DoorDash from February 9 to February 23. Additionally, six fortunate patrons have the chance to win exciting prizes through a special red envelope contest, curated by DoorDash.

As Lunar New Year dawns on Saturday, February 10, Toronto residents have the opportunity to embrace the spirit of the Year of the Dragon with Chef Craig’s delectable creation. The ‘Long Life Noodles with Fried Chicken Cutlet’ boasts a harmonious blend of flavors, featuring wok stir-fried egg noodles bathed in oxtail gravy and chadon beni ginger scallion sauceā€”a culinary homage to Chef Craig’s Jamaican and Chinese heritage.

“Lunar New Year 2024 holds profound significance as the Year of the Dragon! During this auspicious time, the consumption of long noodles symbolizes good fortune, prosperity, and longevity,” explains Chef Craig, the visionary behind Patois. “I’ve infused this dish with symbolism and flavor, ensuring each bite is imbued with luck and prosperity. The succulent fried chicken cutlet, dusted with vibrant red chili powder, adds an extra layer of zest and fortune.”

But the festivities don’t end with culinary delights. Six fortunate patrons who order the ‘Long Life Noodles with Fried Chicken Cutlet’ through DoorDash will receive an unexpected treat: a red envelope containing a $100 DoorDash gift card. This cherished tradition, steeped in symbolism and goodwill, elevates the Lunar New Year celebrations, adding an element of excitement and fortune to the dining experience.

“DoorDash is delighted to collaborate with Patois and Chef Craig Wong, infusing joy into the Lunar New Year celebrations with a unique limited-edition dish,” remarks Shilpa Arora, General Manager of DoorDash Canada. “Lunar New Year is a time of camaraderie, well-wishes, and culinary delights that bring communities together. We take pride in championing the rich Asian culture and cuisine that thrives in Toronto, delivering these exquisite flavors straight to our customers’ doorsteps.”

Whether reveling in traditional Lunar New Year festivities with loved ones or forging new traditions, DoorDash stands ready to deliver the finest offerings from local establishments with just a click. As the community comes together to welcome the Year of the Dragon, DoorDash remains committed to facilitating memorable dining experiences and fostering cultural appreciation.

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