Hyderabad Man Finds Live Worm in Cadbury Dairy Milk, Seeks Answers


  • On February 9, 2024, Robin Zaccheus from Hyderabad purchased a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar from a metro station store and found a live worm crawling inside.
  • He shared a video and posted his complaint on social media, highlighting concerns about quality control and potential health hazards.
  • The post went viral, attracting responses from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and Cadbury India.
  • GHMC assured prompt action by their food safety team.
  • Cadbury expressed regret for the unpleasant experience and requested further details to investigate.
  • No information on the investigation outcome is available yet.
  • Zaccheus hasn’t publicly commented on further actions he might take.

Additional Information:

  • The specific type of Cadbury Dairy Milk and its expiry date are unclear from the available reports.
  • Reactions on social media ranged from expressing disgust and demanding accountability to offering legal advice and sharing similar experiences.
  • This incident raises questions about food safety standards and the effectiveness of quality control measures, particularly for near-expiry products.


While the immediate aftermath of this incident has seen responses from relevant authorities, the investigation outcome and potential consequences for the parties involved remain unknown. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of robust food safety regulations and consumer vigilance.

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