ICICI Bank hikes FD Rates for Amounts Between ₹2 Crore and ₹5 Crore; Offers Up to 7.40% for One Year


  • ICICI Bank has revised its fixed deposit (FD) interest rates for deposits between ₹2 crore and ₹5 crore, effective February 8, 2024.
  • This move comes amidst rising interest rates in India and increasing competition for high-value depositors.
  • For these specific deposits, ICICI Bank now offers interest rates ranging from 5.25% to 7.40%, depending on the tenure.
  • The highest rate of 7.40% is available for one-year FDs, making it an attractive option for individuals and institutions with large sums to invest.
  • This is significantly higher than the rates offered for smaller deposits, where the maximum rate for one year is 6.50%.
  • Senior citizens can enjoy additional benefits, with rates up to 0.10% higher than regular customers.
  • While this is a positive development for high-value depositors, it’s important to consider other factors like liquidity needs and tax implications before investing in FDs.

Additional Information:


ICICI Bank’s increased FD rates for large deposits are a response to market trends and aim to attract high-value customers. While offering attractive returns, it’s crucial to weigh individual circumstances and investment goals before making a decision.

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