India vs England: Bazball and Broad’s Boast

Current Situation:

  • The India vs England Test series is currently tied 1-1 after two matches.
  • England adopted a new aggressive batting approach under Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum, nicknamed “Bazball.”
  • Stuart Broad, a veteran England bowler, publicly expressed his pride in Bazball and believes it can work in all countries.

Key Talking Points:

  • Bazball’s Success: England has won 9 of their last 10 Tests under Bazball, including victories against New Zealand, India, South Africa, and Pakistan. This success has generated significant discussion and debate.
  • Broad’s Endorsement: A respected figure like Broad endorsing Bazball adds weight to its legitimacy and potential for wider adoption. However, some argue that success in different conditions and against different opponents is needed for a definitive verdict.
  • Criticisms and Concerns: Some argue that Bazball is unsustainable in the long term, leading to collapses and inconsistent performances. Others raise concerns about its impact on the traditional values of Test cricket.
  • The Future of Bazball: Whether Bazball becomes a permanent feature of England’s Test cricket or remains a temporary experiment remains to be seen. Other teams are likely to analyze its effectiveness and potentially adapt elements to their own approaches.

Latest Information:

  • You can find the latest news and updates on the India vs England series on various cricket websites and news platforms like Cricinfo, ESPNcricinfo, BBC Sport, and The Guardian.
  • Broad’s specific comments about Bazball can be found in his recent column for the Daily Mail or articles summarizing his views.
  • Analyses and discussions about Bazball’s impact and future are ongoing in cricket circles. You can find various perspectives and opinions in articles, podcasts, and social media discussions.


The India vs England series has reignited discussions about Test cricket’s future, with Bazball at the center of the debate. While its success and Broad’s endorsement are noteworthy, questions and concerns remain. Only time will tell if Bazball is a revolutionary approach or a temporary fad, and whether it can achieve long-term success across different contexts.

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