Maxwell thankful for support after ‘less than ideal’ Adelaide incident

Latest Information:

  • Date: As of today, February 12, 2024, there are no new significant updates regarding Glenn Maxwell’s situation since his comments following the Adelaide incident in January.

  • Maxwell’s Statement: He acknowledged the incident as “less than ideal” and expressed gratitude for the “outstanding” support he received from the Australian cricket hierarchy, including coach Andrew McDonald and chairman of selectors George Bailey.

  • Incident Details: The specific details of the incident remain undisclosed, with Maxwell choosing not to elaborate beyond admitting he was drinking.

  • Current Status: Maxwell has returned to training and is actively involved in cricket, recently scoring the fastest T20 century on Australian soil against the West Indies.

Key Points:

  • Maxwell acknowledges the incident and expresses remorse.
  • He appreciates the support from the Australian cricket authorities.
  • The specific details remain private.
  • He has moved on professionally and is performing well.


While the exact nature of the Adelaide incident remains unclear, it’s evident that Maxwell has received support from his team and is focused on moving forward. His recent performance showcases his continued dedication to the sport.

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