Nasdaq Rings Closing Bell to Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon

Chinese Envoy Joins Nasdaq Ceremony, Highlighting Economic Growth and Opportunities

In a symbolic celebration of cultural unity and economic collaboration, a Chinese envoy rang the closing bell at the Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square to commemorate the onset of the Chinese New Year, heralding the Year of the Dragon.

The Chinese Consul General in New York, Huang Ping, emphasized the remarkable resurgence of China’s economy over the past year, citing a robust 5.2-percent GDP growth. He underscored China’s pivotal role as a driving force in the global economy, contributing significantly to its vitality and dynamism. Huang expressed China’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for foreign businesses, extending a warm invitation to investors from the United States and beyond to explore the myriad opportunities within China’s burgeoning market.

The symbolic significance of the Dragon, the most auspicious zodiac sign in Chinese culture, resonated throughout the ceremony. Huang conveyed heartfelt wishes for good health, prosperity, and a deepening of the China-U.S. relationship in the new year, evoking the traditional association of the Dragon with good fortune, strength, and vitality.

Robert H. McCooey, Jr., Vice Chairman of Nasdaq, elaborated on the cultural significance of the Dragon, highlighting its symbolism of power, energy, and ambition. He described individuals born in the Year of the Dragon as possessing innate traits of self-awareness, determination, and creativity, making them well-suited for careers in various fields, including the arts, academia, politics, and entrepreneurship.

McCooey reaffirmed Nasdaq’s unwavering commitment to China, citing the presence of over 225 Chinese companies listed on the exchange. He emphasized Nasdaq’s role as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, mirroring the spirit of collaboration and growth shared between the United States and China.

The ceremony served as a testament to the enduring partnership between the two nations, grounded in mutual respect, cooperation, and economic prosperity. As both countries navigate the evolving global landscape, opportunities for synergy and advancement abound, propelling bilateral relations to new heights.

As the Lunar New Year unfolds, Nasdaq remains dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation, progress, and abundance. The ceremony underscored the shared aspirations for a future defined by prosperity, collaboration, and mutual understanding between the United States and China.

In commemorating the Year of the Dragon, Nasdaq reaffirmed its commitment to serving as a catalyst for economic growth and cultural exchange, bridging the gap between East and West in the spirit of harmony and partnership.