North Carolina police looking for woman who made distressed call to 911 before she vanished

A 25-year-old mother made a distressed call to 911 before she vanished in Greensboro, North Carolina, and police are asking for the public’s help in locating her.

Marissa Carmichael was last seen in the early hours of Sunday, Jan. 14 at the Exxon on 809 East Market St. in Greensboro, according to police.

ABC News obtained a copy of a 911 call that Carmichael made to police from the Exxon gas station.

During the two-minute call, Carmichael, whose name is bleeped out when she identifies herself, appears distressed and asks for the non-emergency line.

She tells the 911 dispatcher that a man has asked her to pick up some things at the gas station but has driven off while she was inside and she has no way of getting home.

“I don’t know where I am in Greensboro. I just got all my stuff threw out the car, he took off with my phone. I have no clue where I’m at. I have no numbers,” Carmichael told the dispatcher.

Asked if she is hurt and needed an ambulance, Carmichael said “No, I’m not but I mean, like you told me to come into the store and grab some s— and like, took off on me and I don’t know where I’m at. I’m in the middle of Greensboro. He took my phone. I don’t have my phone.”