Urgent Update Needed: Government Warns of High-Risk Vulnerabilities in Google Chrome

Date: February 12, 2024

Source: This warning originates from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), a government agency responsible for cybersecurity in India. Similar warnings may have been issued by other government agencies worldwide.

Vulnerabilities: The specific vulnerabilities haven’t been publicly disclosed to prevent attackers from exploiting them. However, CERT-In categorizes them as “high-risk,” meaning they could allow attackers to:

  • Steal sensitive data: This includes login credentials, financial information, and personal documents.
  • Install malware: Malicious software could harm your device, steal additional data, or disrupt your online activity.
  • Gain control of your device: In severe cases, attackers might be able to take complete control of your device.

Affected Versions: The warning primarily targets Chrome OS users, specifically versions before 114.0.5735.350 on the LTS channel. However, similar vulnerabilities might exist in other Chrome versions, so updating is crucial regardless.

Urgency: The government strongly advises updating your browser immediately.

How to Update:

  • Chrome OS: Open Settings > About Chrome OS > Check for updates.
  • Windows/macOS: Open Chrome > Click on the three dots menu (⋮) > Help > About Google Chrome > Check for updates.

Additional Tips:

  • Enable automatic updates for Chrome to stay protected in the future.
  • Be cautious about clicking on suspicious links or downloading unknown files.
  • Consider using a security software program for added protection.


Ignoring this warning could put your data and device at risk. Update your Chrome browser immediately to ensure your online security. Remember, staying informed and taking proactive measures are key to protecting yourself online.

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